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2015 Tour de Cure Fundraiser

As some of you already know, I am riding my bicycle in the American Diabetes Association’s Chicagoland Tour de Cure. I have done this ride, and participated in the fundraiser, now for the past few years in honor of my mother who lives with Diabetes and many other friends and family members. I know some in the past have expressed their disinterest in this and the people I am riding for because they believe that by eating their diet you can cure Diabetes. I understand those who feel that way, but it has never discouraged myself or the others I will ride with and for on June 14, 2015. So my ambition is that friends like you can help me carry out a fundraising goal.

I’m shooting to raise at least $1000 and become a “Champion to Stop Diabetes”. Champions are leaders in the quest to prevent and cure diabetes once and for all. I’m really passionate about the cause and that motivates me in being the best fundraiser possible!

Whether you give $10 or $500, know that your contribution will help the Association give community-based education programs, protect the rights of people with diabetes and fund critical research for a cure.

Please help me in my mission to become a Champion by clicking on the image below to give. Your generosity would mean so much to me! The Ubuntu and KDE communities have helped me in the past to reach my goals, and it would be an honor to have 2 of my favorite communities support me again this year.

Thank you everyone!

Click image below to donate
Tour de Cure - Rich Johnson's personal fundraiser page

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  • Michael

    Hello there, I saw this post on the Planet KDE newsfeed.

    My question to you is why should I donate money to “stop diabetes” when this guy over here [], a non-profit public service researcher, says that diabetes can already be “prevented, treated and cured”? And that the solutions are simple, understandable, and are reproducible?

    • That guy is wrong. It can be prevented or treated in some people, but not all people. I know people who were born with Type 1, I know professional cyclists who were not only born with it but live with it & race their bicycles & are some of the healthiest people on this planet. That guys research is BS. But hey, he is a “non-profit”. Oh wait, that is actually an advertisement that updates every few days to stay relevant.

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