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Take off and land safely with KDE

Oh lord that was corny. Any ways, it isn’t about taking off and landing safely, but it is about saving some of that important Lithium Ion juice while you are in flight. That’s right, I have hacked together a little system tray applet that will allow you to enable or disable the power of your […]

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CSS Border Radius

I am really just adding this so I have it documented in case I forget it in the future or need to reference it. One thing I like to do when messing around with web development is when I use a table to hold something, instead of a silly div (really on wiki pages and […]

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Kubuntu and Apport love

So, I decided to take all of the Apport related TODO items the other day and I am almost complete with all of them. Today I ported apport-qt to apport-kde, which means went from PyQt4 to PyKDE4 loveliness. Spent some time testing it and working out the bugs and I think it is good thus […]

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