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Ubuntu, Yahoo, Microsoft, and bears oh my

Yes, as many of you have read recently, Canonical has created a deal with Yahoo! to provide the default search for Firefox in the Lucid release. I decided that I would sit back and parse not only the information that Canonical has put out, but also the information I am reading on the web, Twitter, […]

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Ubuntu Chicago Files Chapter 13

To go along with the spirit of most big things in the United States, Ubuntu Chicago is filing Chapter 13. Well almost big things, as they all filed Chapter 11 pretty much. Anyways, Ubuntu Chicago isn’t going anywhere, it is just going to restructure itself to become a much more efficient LoCo team. Some of […]

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OMFGWTFBBQ! No more Gimp?

Seriously, is removing Gimp from a default install of Ubuntu that bad? Bad enough for you to leave Ubuntu for some other distribution? I have been reading blog posts, news sites, blog comments, IRC, Twitter, and, and what I am seeing simply amazes me. Thus far, the popular topic to these complaints is that […]

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