I have consulted various industries and environments for more than 10 years with projects ranging from small to large in size. The two main areas of consulting for me are Open Source solutions and Linux, under which I cover a broad aspect of each. Whether you are looking for strategic or technical consulting, I would enjoy the opportunity to help lead you into the future.

Open Source

Having worked on a vast array of open source projects, my inside knowledge and deep connections within the open source world can help mold your decision. No matter the open source solution you are looking for, I can offer you the help you are looking for as well as tailor an open source project to your needs.

Open source solutions in which I cover include, but are not limited to:

  • Web Services
    • Apache Web Server
    • MySQL Server
    • PostgreSQL Server
    • Django Python Web Framework
    • and more…
  • Desktop Services
    • KDE Plasma Workspace
    • GNOME Desktop Environment
    • Office Suites (, LibreOffice, Calligra Suite, KOffice
    • Accounting
    • and more…
  • Custom Multimedia Systems
    • Digital Signage
    • Digital Walls
    • Multi-room Synchronized Audio and Video Systems
  • Servers
    • Internet
    • Email
    • Telephony
    • Commerce
    • Storage
    • Clusters
    • and more…
  • Cloud Computing
    • Amazon EC2
    • Distributed Storage Networks
    • and more…


Since 1993, I have opportunistically been able to give to various Linux distributions such as SUSE, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu, and others. I am currently spending a bit of time as a core developer for the Ubuntu distribution, today’s top Linux operating system. With my experience in the Linux world, including the partnerships I have forged over the years, I can assure you that I can help give the best solution for you.

Linux distributions supported include, but are not limited to:

  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Red Hat
  • Novell
  • CentOS
  • any other Linux operating system

I also support BSD, Solaris, and others.


Like Linux, since 1993, I have opportunistically been able to give a great amount of technical documentation for many projects. I have written technical documentation for many companies throughout the years and have even written a few Standard Operating Procedures for the United States Navy. On top of this, I have also assisted in the authoring of a book about Linux.

I am available to write documentation for both a user and a developer including, but not limited to:

  • Software Applications
  • Operating Systems
  • Web Sites
  • Information Systems Infrastructures
  • and more…


Please feel free to Contact Me at your convenience.

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