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Windows Persona

OK, does everyone have the “Linux Persona” stuff, which has been one hell of a hot topic this week, out of their system? I am sorry, flame me and Microsoft all you want, but where in the hell is our Windows Persona? Bug #1 isn’t going to cut it, especially when people just add comments […]

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Free Software Community

People always ask how I got involved with Free Software and of course lately, Ubuntu. I started messing with Linux around 1993 or 1994 and back then it wasn’t all that easy to find a single starting point on getting involved. I was a coder back then, but I didn’t feel like I was a […]

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Ubuntu Chicago Meeting a Success!

We are currently sitting at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Elmhurst, Illinois. We is Freddy, his brother Eddy, Mike, Jim, Andrew, RJ and myself. We just ordered our meal after holding a great event at the Elmhurst Public Library. Discussion included the future of the group, business point visions, marketing plans, as well as creating […]

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