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Dropbox for KDE

UPDATE: (05/01/2012) A couple of people have pointed out Dropbox ServiceMenu as an add-on to this tutorial and to your KDE installation. I haven’t used it, but it seems it is pretty popular. A question I have been coming across a lot lately has been, “How do I get Dropbox to work with KDE?” Most […]

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WordPress, Thematic, and WP-Paginate

Since changing around my website and blog this month, I have switched over to using Thematic, a WordPress theme framework. I have created my own child theme and have written plenty of PHP code to get it the way I like and of course to hopefully optimize the site as much as possible. One thing […]

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OfflineIMAP and Byobu hacks

Just a quick post showing a couple of hacks I have done using OfflineIMAP and Byobu on my server. I use OfflineIMAP to download my email from GMail and then use Mutt to read that email. I use Byobu on my server because I run Irssi, Mutt, and a shell, and of course Byobu makes […]

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