No Guest Bloggers Wanted or Needed

I do not need or want any guest bloggers, especially if you want to blog about absolute bullshit. When I say bullshit, I mean the following:

  • World War I and II History
  • President Obama
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Your fancy case for a stupid iPad
  • US Politics
  • And so much more…

I don’t know what happened this week, but I received serious inquiries about the topics I listed above. I replied to all of you nicely this time, so quit emailing me back asking why. If you are the guest blogger type and actually read through my blog, then this is for you. KICK ROCKS! Go guest blog elsewhere!

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Kubuntu 12.04 Released

Kubuntu 12.04 Released

Kubuntu 12.04 has been released into the wild today. Once again, I had absolutely nothing to do with this release.

The Kubuntu community is proud to announce the release of 12.04 LTS, the Precise Pangolin: the new Long Term Support version of our friendly operating system.

Check out the Release Notes for much more information on this release.

Viva La Kubuntu

I am certain that this release proves that the Kubuntu community is as strong as ever. They showed up for work, and serious work at that, in the face of adversity, with all the negative commentary floating around the interwebs. I am proud of each contributor in the community, and that includes Ubuntu as well. Congratulations everyone on a job well done!

Welcome Blue Systems

With that, I am very excited to see what the new sponsorship by Blue Systems brings. I have witnessed what their sponsorship has provided to Linux Mint, and that excites me even more knowing that Kubuntu will have that same sort of support. Here is to the future of Kubuntu and Blue Systems!

If you aren’t using Kubuntu, I highly recommend you check it out. If you are using Kubuntu and appreciate what you were given, it would be wonderful for you all to say “thank you” and show some love. I think every contributor deserves at least that, and I feel that every user deserves that same amount of gratitude. If it weren’t for the users there would be no need for all of this.

To download Kubuntu, head on over to the Get Kubuntu page. There they offer you the options to buy CDs and/or DVDs, or download Kubuntu the regular way and the BitTorrent way. If you are good at Googling, you can also find local mirrors in which you can download from as well. Here in Chicago, I have a few options that give much faster access to the ISOs as well as the repositories. Check your local universities, government agencies, and telecommunication corporations for a mirror.

Thank you once again to everyone involved with this release. From the developers to the bug reporters, and even to the complainers and naysayers, THANK YOU!

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Linux: “We’re not GNU”

My quick response, besides the 2 other responses I already did, to Ubuntu: “We’re not Linux”. Don’t think I need to say anything more here. I think I am starting to get over my 1990s Linux User ways.

  • Politicians: “We’re not Evil”
  • Google: “Neither are we!”
  • Emacs: “We’re still a text editor”
  • Vim: “So are we!”
  • Kubuntu: “We’re not Ubuntu”
  • I can do this all day…
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