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No Guest Bloggers Wanted or Needed

I do not need or want any guest bloggers, especially if you want to blog about absolute bullshit. When I say bullshit, I mean the following:

  • World War I and II History
  • President Obama
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Your fancy case for a stupid iPad
  • US Politics
  • And so much more…

I don’t know what happened this week, but I received serious inquiries about the topics I listed above. I replied to all of you nicely this time, so quit emailing me back asking why. If you are the guest blogger type and actually read through my blog, then this is for you. KICK ROCKS! Go guest blog elsewhere!

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  • Noone

    What’s a guest blogger?
    Is that seriously what it sounds like?  People writing a post for someone else’s blog?

  • Guest1338

    I think these might be spammers more than anything else, or people mass-sending their requests to every blog out there…

    • No, they were legit. I think like Deus said, possibly some sort of SEO tactic for them. I responded to all of them politely and had a conversation with all of them.

  • Deus

    Dude, not worth bursting a blood vessel over. It’s just the latest spam/astroturf/SEO tactic.

    • Not blowing a blood vessel over, just being a dick instead. I believe it is an SEO tactic, and now I am wishing I said yes to at least one to see what their agenda was. No worries, there will be more.

  • I got a several this week too (usually don’t get many). My favorite was request to guest blog about “Understanding the minds of criminals.” Oh yeah.

    • They are actually all legit. I should have said yes to one to see what their agenda was.

      • Sunny

        Agenda is clear they need link back 

  • W G Hanna

    Agree with Dues – not worth popping a vein over.  you come off like a crank.  if somebody is offering you content in good faith – don’t be a dick – turn it down politely if you don’t like it.  your lucky to have a blog with enough readership that people want to use it as a vehicle for their writing.  it’s like a hot chick complaining about nerdy guys hitting on them.  take a compliment, for crying out loud.  and if its spam, just ignore it.

    • I am not popping a vein over this at all, and yes, I am a crank. I guess you haven’t been around long enough, but I am a dick, an asshole, and at times a twat. Do I care? Hell no. I have had enough compliments in life, I don’t need anymore, plus these people don’t understand how to take “no” nicely. I did turn it down politely, they just reply with more topics.

  • ThePipetteNinja

    HAHAHA!! This is fantastic. BTW, you said “guess blog” last sentence, might want to fix that :p

    • Ahh, good catch, thanks for that. I have fixed it 🙂

  • hey Richard i’d like to write a guest post for you on President Obama. Why? Because he’s AWESOMMMME! btw I don’t have any rocks perhaps you could suggest another interesting pastime?

  • SEO, That is why you receive the request. There have been numerous posts around the web the past few weeks about to be found you need to guest post. Commenting is another form and thus it is a tit for tat method of SEO. I post here, your site rises higher in Google. Someone will read this, click on my profile and go to my twitter, helping twitter’s ranking. It is how it done. I am sure you knew all this already and perhaps you are following the “create mild controversy” method of SEO. Nothing important like religion, sex or politics but about guest blogging. Oh, the funny thing is, I just guest blogged on your comment section. Smile, be happy and to those who don’t touch the controversial issues, Merry Christmas.

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