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Donate To My Tour de Cure 2012 Ride

Hey everyone, I am riding 100 miles (161 km) for Chicago’s 2012 Tour de Cure. My goal this year is to raise $1,500, because last year I was blown out of the water by the generosity of the people at my mom’s work, the KDE community, the cycling community, and a few friends. So, if 300 of you donated the minimum $5, I would make my goal 🙂 Last year I had a blast doing this ride and completed it in 6.5 hours. My other goal this year is to finish it in under 6 hours.

To donate, you can click on the Support image above, or go to my Tour de Cure page. Scroll down, and on the right hand side you will see “CLICK HERE TO SPONSOR ME”, click it. I appreciate any and all help!

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  • Michael

    Hello. I saw your article on the Planet. I won’t contribute, not because I don’t appreciate your selflessness, but because I’ve been able to turn around my diabetes through education, responsibility and changing the primary inputs into my bloodstream–my food–which caused the insulin insensitivity in the first place. It’s not genetics, and I’m not special regarding this feat. 

    More people need to speak up instead of let the “diabetes has no cure” discussion be hijacked by medical professionals. They have a serious blind spot in that they are only taught 2 hours of nutrition in their 4 years of schooling. Too bad for the people who come to them for advice and unquestioningly trust their authority.

    Run if you get joy from it, but from my experience, there’s more to the diabetes story than we’ve been told.

    • That’s fine that you won’t contribute, but I find it hard to believe that you think everyone who has diabetes can fix it themselves? I know quite a few of the healthiest people in the world who have it, don’t believe me, check out Team Type 1, the professional cycling team. Type 1 & Type 2 are chronic diseases, and the last I checked, there is no cure for a chronic disease, just treatments. Controlling what you consume is a treatment, it hasn’t cured a thing, especially if you were diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.

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