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Canonical shut down Sounder?


It seems a story is making its way around the various Linux news organizations that is blatantly misrepresented. THIS STORY is the one making its rounds. It claims that Canonical takes another step against the Community. This is totally wrong in every sense of the word wrong. Let me break it down for those of you who actually believe this on the shut-down of the Sounder Mailing List.

The Community Council voted, unanimously I might add, to close down the Sounder. Here are the current members of the Community Council:

  • Alan Pope
  • Benjamin Mako Hill
  • Daniel Holbach
  • Elizabeth Krumbach
  • Emmet Hikory
  • Mark Shuttleworth
  • Matthew East
  • Mike Basinger

Those names which are in BOLD LETTERS are members of the Community Council who are NOT employed by Canonical. So that is 6 out of 8 members, or 75%.

So, to make sure people like the Anthony Papillion, aka the Cajun Techie, understand this, CANONICAL DID NOT SHUT DOWN THE SOUNDER, THE COMMUNITY DID!. This was an issue back in 2009 when I was on the Community Council, and my opinion then is that it should have been shut down, as I never saw the service it provided or any good in it whatsoever. There are other channels of free speech, and I thought the Sounder was useless then. Good riddance it is finally gone.

EDIT: I just changed Emmet to a Canonical employee, so that is now 5 out of 8 members are not Canonical employees, or 62.5%.

EDIT: I changed Emmet back to a non-Canonical employee, so it is back to the original 6 out of 8, or 75%.

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