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CPU Cooling FYI

If you are planning on building a new computer in the near future, I would like to recommend you stay away from CPU coolers that have the plastic push/snap pins such as those in the image.

cpu cooler mounts

The past couple of days I noticed that while compiling code, my CPU temperatures went up above 70°C. After further inspection, I noticed that one of the corner posts on the CPU cooler came loose from the motherboard, therefor not coming in full contact with the CPU itself. So if you have a choice of CPU cooling, remember to shy away from the coolers with the plastic posts that snap into the motherboard. These are flat out garbage. After cleaning up the CPU and cooler, I remounted it, and now my temps when compiling are a toasty 60°C. I will be purchasing a new cooler in the near future to replace my current one, as even 60°C is a little to high for my liking. My server is watercooled with a custom setup I built many years ago, and when I have a couple of builds going on, it never gets above 35°C.

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  • 60 is toasty, but nothing is really fatal until about 100. You can expect to see crashes starting around 80-90, but I dont think any damage is really done at 60.

    … just a little note, im sure you know this anyway

  • I hope there wasn’t any damage, but at 70 it was constantly freezing on me. I just need to hurry up, and quit procrastinating already, and pick up a new cooler. I went with the cheapest at the time, and it flat out sucks.

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