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Feisty Fawn Developers

The Feisty Fawn developers stopped by the house this afternoon to make sure I was doing my work.

Feisty Fawn Developers

The deer on the left is a young buck, we spotted 6 points through the scope, and no not a rifle scope, the one on the right is a young doe, the Feisty Fawns were probably at the base of the hill away from civilization to remain safe. So, buck plus doe equals Feisty Fawn developers, get it?

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  • Ram

    That is a very nice picture and appropriate to be included in 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) release. Can you make the image available to the world, please?

  • Everything I do is available to the world, for FREE 🙂

    You are more than free to copy it, edit it, do whatever with it. My work is for any and everyone to use.

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