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Full of cuteness

The new puppy, aka Sasha, is a Maltese. Here are some pics of her.




If you can see the attached video of Sasha playing with an air vent, click HERE

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  • Roland

    Don’t be overcome by the cuteness. Dogs (like kids) need guidance.
    Become Pack Leader. See
    Too many owners let their dogs develop bad habits or even attack
    people, and laugh (especially when the dog is small) because
    “it’s cute”. When the dog gets bigger it won’t be cute anymore.

  • Very cute your dog ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Why wasn’t Sasha at Flourish?!?!

  • Oh cute or what understand the comment from Roland, but come on this dog wont be getting much bigger and with the love she gets she wont hurt a fly – I want one!

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