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Grannys Gotta Switch

Well, Granny already switched. Over the weekend, I switched my friends 74 year old grandmother to Kubuntu, and even fancied it up for her. I showed her around, and how to update. Well, I showed her how to install .deb files as well. She is pretty computer savvy, which was just way to cool for me. Well, I just talked to her today, and here is what she had to say:

“I love dpkg -i Richie. I found a card game and it was packaged for Debian, but it had the .deb ending. So I did the sudo dpkg -i name.deb, and it installed without one question. That is what I hated about Microsoft. It always asked stupid questions that would confuse me, and I never knew if I installed the program or not, so I would usually give up or wait for Zach to come around.”

Granny B, You Rock! I thought this was pretty neat, and decided to share. Note, I couldn’t remember the card game she installed, but she is loving her Internet and E-Mail, now that she doesn’t have to constantly worry about opening them as well. When I visit Granny B, I will get a picture of her hacking away with her Kubuntu setup.

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  • Wow, that is so cool. The ultimate usability test. And what a cool Gramma!!!

  • Ya, Granny is nothing like a 74 year old woman. She is quick too. I have yet to beat her in Trivial Pursuit either. Granny has computer experience though, as she worked all her life with companies like Zenith (Heath Kit), and Comdisco? So she knows her way around computers. 2 years ago she took a couple of Linux course at a local college, and has somewhat been wanting to use it all the time. It took a while for her to convince me, of all people, that she wanted Linux. I started her out with Fedora Core, but there was some usability issues with her, and she wasn’t very happy with it. So I switched her back to Windows, as I knew my phone would catch fire if I didn’t. Well, I went over about a month ago, and installed Kubuntu 6.06.1, as it was the only disk I had on me at the time, and my favorite OS anyways πŸ˜‰ After I installed it, I gave her a run through, and even wrote up a little document, that told her what to do in certain situations. Well, the reason she got excited is because she installed her first application on her own, and it was funny, as she didn’t realize Kubuntu was built off of Debian, but recognized the .deb file. She told me, if it broke, I would fix it anyways, so she took the chance. At first she didn’t think it worked, because she said after she pressed enter, 2 seconds later it was right back where she started. So she took a break or what not, and checked the KMenu a few minutes later, and boom, there it was in Games.

    Now granny does have experience with computers, quite a bit actually, so the switch and learning curve wasn’t to harsh for her. The title “Grannys Gotta Switch”, is because when my buddy and I were growing up, and we got in trouble, she grabbed a switch and whooped some butt πŸ˜‰

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