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Help Me in the Fight Against Diabetes

Hey everyone! I will be participating in this year’s Tour de Cure. I will be riding 100 miles and collecting donations to help fight against diabetes. I have set a goal of collecting $250 $500 $1,000 USD in donations, and I am hoping some of you can help me reach my goal. I would love to blow that goal out of the water of course and be one of the top contributing teams, so any and all help is very much appreciated, as it really isn’t for me but for a greater cause.

You can check out my Tour de Cure page as well as give to the cause HERE. Thank you everyone, and if there is a Tour de Cure in your area, I urge you to sign up and ride for the cause.

UPDATE: seeing as the cycling community, some friends, and Kubuntu have stepped up in an hours time, I was close to reaching my first $250 USD goal, so I have since bumped it up to $500. My family and friends are passing around the donation information, so hopefully I can reach this new goal.

UPDATE: Here is a direct link to my Tour de Cure page since some had problems with the first link I had posted –

UPDATE: Here is the bike I will be riding for over 100 miles in my mom’s name. She was diagnosed a few years ago with Type 2 Diabetes. I will also be riding in the names of other family and friends who are battling this disease. Thanks again to all who have contributed and who are also standing up to fight this disease!

My 2010 Trek Madone 5.2

UPDATE: seeing as my mom’s work, members of the KDE community, friends, family, and other members of the cycling community have helped, I blew the $500 goal out of the water, so I have upped it to $1,000 now. Come on my Ubuntu geeks, I know you can do it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much to all of you awesome rock stars who have donated!

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