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GMail Spam Filtering + Spamassassin + Bogofilter + Who knows what other spam filters are out there = so much damn spam!

It me Rich – what is so hard about detecting this one right here as spam? I get ass loads of this one every 5 minutes. I am taking the names and creating a database of what not to name your newborn. As of right now, it is safe to name your kid “Sock”, as it hasn’t been through the spam filter yet.

I have so many filters setup in KMail right now, that “Control+J” is about the same as hitting the power button. Spamassassin and Bogofilter seem to be catching more spam that stupid GMail does. I know preschoolers who learned more in a day than a stpuid spam application has. Screw filter training, it is time for some kind of boot camp.

So in the meantime, I will sit back, compare prices on Viagra, I will learn how to have sex all night long, why I wouldn’t know as it only gets in the way of computer time, get the insider trading information, and start replying to the “it me dipshit” spam.

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  • behavedave

    Gmail spam filtering has been good for me as long as you report your spam! The next best is Spambayes as long as you train it properly. Have them two on top of each other and teach them when they screw up and you should be almost completely spam free,

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  • Seveas

    Need a home loan?

  • Mike

    I find that Gmail’s spam filter works very well for me. I usually get about 200 spams a day and the filter rarely misses one and I get almost no false positives.

    I installed SpamBouncer on my Dreamhost account and I find it works a lot better than their SpamAssassin.

  • hahahahahahaha! I got you you guys!

    Mike, GMail does good I must say, as I get around a thousand emails a day, of which almost 200 are spam, and about 150 of those get caught by gmail, and about 25 get caught by spamassassin or bogofilter. I will look into spambouncer, but I think I am useless as I don’t run my mail server any more.

  • Stoffe

    Weird. GMail does catch almost all spam except the occasional stray one, and I get hundreds a day. I would have thought that the strength in GMail filtering would be the central server that notices what several people report and so it’s strange if people get different results. I also get those same spams that seem to slip though your filters, but they do get caught most of the time.

  • If you want to try something else than GMail and Spamassassin. For me SA didn’t work. After my Server crashed i tried to Dspam ( This worked out really good. Maybe this helps you more than SA can 🙂

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