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KDE 4.2.2 and Konqueror

Wow, what can I say? Konqueror is actually working quite well for me after the 4.2.2 upgrade today. It is so much faster than Firefox, and if all goes well, it will work with my WordPress blog. Kudos to the entire KHTML team for the amazing amount of bug fixes they got in for 4.2.2. Now if I could just get Greasemonkey like effects (is that project for KDE still out there somewhere that did this?) I will be golden. It has been a while since I fired up Konqi and played around, and boy am I glad I did today. Thus far it seems that GMail has been my only issue, but minor, as I experienced a crash when marking a message as spam.

To the entire KDE community, great job on the 4.2.2 release today. Everything upgraded smoothly, KMail seems to be syncing faster now with GMail in dIMAP. Once again thank you and congratulations on a job well done!

Kubuntu users, 4.2.2 is in Jaunty and looks to be on its way into Intrepid. I am sure once it lands in Intrepid, one of the ninjas will announce it. Keep an eye out for that. Good job to the ninjas as well!

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  • Graham P Davis

    I’m not so smitten with Konqueror 4.2.2. Data is still bleeding through to top tab from the tab beneath, web toolbar is missing when in file mode, and where are the pop-up views when the cursor hovers over a graphics file? I don’t see any improvement from 4.2.1.

  • Eike Hein

    For the latter: Configure Konqueror … -> File Management -> Views -> General -> [x] Show tooltips. This has been in there for a while already :-).

  • I was so excited! I’ve been waiting to get back to Konqueror for a while, but I also want the WYSIWYG features to work on my website. So I tried writing a post with TinyMCE turned on and Konqy, like Icarus, fell from the sky.

    Granted, this could be TinyMCEs fault. I am just glad I didn’t have something important open.

  • taurnil

    While konqueror does feel faster….. I *would gladly* trade that for a FUNCTIONAL nspluginviewer. Yes I know you can hack around flash in konqueror with the kmplayer dance. But please. One of the pointed questions I asked the devs well before 4.0 was not to leave konqueror by the way side. And was assured konqueror would get the attention it deserves. Seems I misunderstood that affirmation. Frankly, this version, 4.2.2 feels like the first time anyone has done anything with it. That’s good. But the nspluginviewer has been borked for ages. Come on guys.

  • @taurnil

    Is it nspluginviewer’s fault of konqueror? I have a bug report up on bugzilla, but so far no one has mentioned the cause. Is there a bug report for nspluginviewer I can follow?

  • Debianero Rumbero

    @AhmedG, for wich Konqueror version?

    The ‘nspluginviewer’ package in Debian is called konqueror-nsplugins.

  • Graham P Davis

    Thanks Eike for your solution. Although I’ve reported the problem in other places, you’re the only one to spot the cause of the problem I had.

    Getting back to the “bleeding” problem, it can be very serious in that actions on the open tab can bleed through to the lower one. For instance, if you try to drag file A, say, into folder B, you will wait a long while as usual before the move is completed. Then, on odd occasions, nothing seems to happen at all. However, what I found once was that, on the underlying tab, a file Y had been moved into folder Z! So, the moral is, have confirmations switched on and *read* the messages before clicking OK.

  • @Debianero
    Any Konqueror version since 4.1.0 though I have not tested this on 4.0
    So does this package get installed by default or do I have to choose to have konqueror use nspluginwrapper? Right now flash videos appear every once in a while.


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