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Konsole Fonts

I have been using urxvt forever, and I have always loved using my Artwiz fonts with it. In Jaunty for some reason, getting the Artwiz fonts working correctly and without hogging resources was a bit of a pain. So I have decided to go back to the KDE terminal, Konsole, and actually found a really great font in the Ubuntu repositories. The name of the font is ttf-inconsolata. It is a really nice small font in Konsole and if you are editing code in Vim or Emacs, it is really nice. It is actually nice small and nice to the point where you don’t have to squint to see it, it is still legible at a decent distance. Here are a couple of screenshots to show it off:

inconsolata on irssi
Here it is with Irssi.

inconsolata c++
Here it is displaying some C++ code.

If you have a groovy TTF font, or any other font that you use in your terminals, tell me what it is, and link me to a screenshot.

Edit: superm1’s response, which you can’t see in the screenshot was:

10:59:57 [   superm1] yeah it does look better there, but i think it's because of the grey/white on black
11:00:06 [   superm1] i'll switch gnome over and compare
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