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Kubuntu 10.04 Released!

Wow, what an awesome development cycle! The Lucid Lynx has matured to a ripe old age of 10.04 and now brings you 3 years of support through free security and maintenance updates for your desktop. The Kubuntu team, as well as the entire Ubuntu community, did an awesome job this cycle and my hats off to each and every one of you, job well done friends!

Some new things for this release include:

  • New branding
  • KDE Plasma Desktop 4.4
  • An official Kubuntu Netbook Remix featuring KDE Plasma Netbook 4.4
  • Amarok 2.3
  • Installer slideshow (I did the text, so read it! Let me know how horrible it is and we can fix that up in future releases)
  • KDE integration for Firefox
  • and more…

One mission down, many more missions to go. Next mission, Kubuntu Maverick Meerkat! That’s right, cat with a ‘K‘ 🙂

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  • Tim

    I am curious.
    Are you in favor of syncing with Debian Testing for Maverick?

  • I don’t know to be honest. Part of me wants to say yes but I also have that developer part of me that wants the latest and greatest. If anything we should have looked a bit more at testing during Lucid, which I think a lot of us did because I did see sync requests with Debian Testing. I think this type of topic should definitely be discussed especially at UDS next month.

    Another thing I have noticed is even though we did sync a lot with debian unstable, all of those apps that we did sync were approved and put into testing, with regard to the desktop environments of course, where testing is lagging a few releases behind for pretty much everyone in that respect.

    If I am not using Kubuntu, I am using Debian Unstable, so I am a bit biased in this respect.

  • simion314

    Are the kubuntu devs patch kde? i am running kubuntu lucid and chakra, and kubuntu has some anoyng kde bugs, like kdm restarting sometimes when i switch the desktop/activity(it is imposible to reproduce it) so i can’t use kubuntu yet, maybethey will fix it . The complaint is that in chakra i have none of the kde bugs i get in kubuntu.

  • Jonathan Thomas

    Chakra/Arch patches KDE too, even borrowing some Kubuntu patches. (Nothing wrong with this, either)

    This is just to say, that the existence of patches does not instantly mean bugs.

    The problem you describe (bouncing back to the login screen when switching users) sound like an Xorg crash anyways, which are issues with the Xorg graphics driver for your card.

  • Mike

    Nvidia drivers don’t work, desktop effects disabled, no support for Xinerama, Nepomuk/Strigi don’t work, akonadi non-functional. Performs like there’s still a bunch of debug code running. The same desktop component crashes endemic to 9.10 (you’d think they could have fixed those at least). This release is an even worse disaster than the previous one, and that was almost too much to bear. After five years, I’m searching for another distro.

  • I agree with Mike,

    This is absolutely horrible, and I am gonna find meself another distro ASAP. What a mess!

    poor performance, dodgy dodgy disk i/o… disaster waiting to happen…

    I never got beyond 9.04, I could still bear that, however 10.04 is too much to bear for me.

  • Kubuntu is awesome. It is one of the best clean operating systems one can come across. The features are much better than Ubuntu and create a world of more features. We look forward to more missions from you.

  • Dave

    I honestly since kde 3.5 everything has been getting worse.
    The widgets were really in response to the new M$ windows environment and interfaces like igoogle. Ultimately disappointing.
    I have run Kubuntu since edgy and each version is more and more disappointing.
    I was able to deal with a lot of functionality issues in kde 3.5 and eventually had a nice setup though pulse-audio was a real pain.
    Now that I got a new laptop I installed 10.04.1 and have had nothing but issues in the 64 bit environment.
    My biggest pet peeve is the decreased functionality in trying to run 2 separate xscreens. I think most individuals that work a great deal with their computer, especially math modelers, likely use two screens. In 3.5 it was a nice option to have to be able to run separate xservers on different displays. Now this function has disappeared completely though it still appears in the nvidia-settings environment. Ultimately it is a kwin problem that will never be fixed, but at least we have widgets!
    I will likely stick with this version for the next 3 years with the hope that eventually the usual bugs will be sorted out in time for the next LTS edition.

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