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Kubuntu and Apport love

So, I decided to take all of the Apport related TODO items the other day and I am almost complete with all of them. Today I ported apport-qt to apport-kde, which means went from PyQt4 to PyKDE4 loveliness. Spent some time testing it and working out the bugs and I think it is good thus far. I am sure we will have to do some tweaks to it, but it is a great start.

Another item on the TODO list was to convert the Help->Report Bug… menu item to utilize Apport to file bug reports to Launchpad instead of going straight to KDE Bugzilla. In the future I will probably look at having both implemented, but that will need to be discussed further, probably with the KDE and Kubuntu people, as well as Celeste on usability.

Next step, something about all of the apps and Apport, so I will probably start working on hooks for the apps so we can get some better reports. Like always, I will keep you tuned in. Time for bed, good night!

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  • anonymous

    Very nice. Kubuntu really needs to be on par with or beyond Ubuntu in these things. Thank you very much…

  • Markus

    It’s good that you now direct bug reports to Launchpad instead of Bugzilla, because Kubuntu ships the worst KDE packages I’ve ever encountered. Under Kubuntu 8.10 I experienced KMail crashes that simply didn’t happen under good distros like openSUSE.
    Avoiding Bugzilla helps the KDE guys concentrate on real KDE bugs instead of digging through all those artificial bugs that are the result of KDE packages sabotaged by Canonical….

  • Jonathan Thomas

    We shipped a vanilla KDEPIM for Kubuntu 8.10, (attacking a 7 month old release ftw?) so unfortunately your oh so precious Kubuntu specific bugs just can’t be Kubuntu specific. You probably just got lucky that you did not experience them with other distros. I also do not recall receiving any bug reports about your crashes, meaning that your claims are basically worthless. You obviously no nothing about the subject at hand (how our packages can “magically” cause crashes when they are vanilla) so please, just quit jabbering inanity all over the internet.

  • @Markus – holy cow dude, how did you know that’s why we did that? You are so smart dude, I am just totally amazed! We have been totally had. openSUSE should be proud to have you!

  • TGM


    I read your blog from planets Ubuntu/KDE and I’d like to get started out in PyQt (with thoughts of heading towards PyKDE, then building a KDE4 media centre) 😀

    But it’s a long road ahead. I’m used to VS2005 in Windows, and haven’t got used to any IDEs in Linux yet.

    Are there any good start points for developing in Kubuntu? I imagine Eric is the IDE of choice, if not are there any good howtos for PyQt/KDE on an IDE? Any links to tutorials that you know of?

    Sorry for all the questions, but Google isn’t returning the best of results… :s

  • Apport Awesomeness!!


    @markus, thanks for the laugh! Not about the accuracy of what you said, but the way you said it. Nixternal is right, openSuSE is VERY lucky to have you. Best of luck

  • dan

    nice nixternal. keep kubuntu rockin’!

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