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Kubuntu Forums and support

After talking to a few people in #kubuntu on IRC (server: / port: 8001), it seems that the Kubuntu Forums are somewhat of a little known secret even though they are frequented by so many.

Strictly a Kubuntu support forum, it is rare that any question goes unanswered as most are answered very quickly. There seems to be a lot of highly skilled Kubuntu enthusiasts waiting to field your question. So, if you can’t make it onto IRC to join the Kubuntu support channel, the Kubuntu Forums as well as the Kubuntu users mailing list are the next best thing for a speedy response. Unlike other forums, threads will not be locked to move quality tutorials and information to a 3rd party source, but all information eventually find its way upstream.

So if you are not a member over at the Kubuntu Forums I highly suggest you head on over there, create an account, and get familiar with the setup. They have some pretty neat things for you to read over. Also if you haven’t signed up to the Kubuntu users mailing list I would suggest you sign up as well. You may not have a question for the mailing list, but reading through everyone else’s problems might help you out in the future, and who knows, maybe you can offer support and contribute to the greatest OS there is. KUBUNTU!

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