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Mom Finally Using Linux

Just not on the desktop yet. She went out almost 2 weeks ago now and purchased an iPhone 4 because everyone said it was the best smart phone for new users. I even recommended due to word of mouth from new users and iPhone fanatics worldwide. Boy were we wrong! Where is this amazing usability I keep hearing about with Apple products? I played with the phone for a couple of hours and my conclusion, and opinion, is it sucked! Hardware wise, screen wise, and usability wise, it flat-out sucked! Oh, and mom couldn’t agree more with me on that

So today she took the iPhone back, headed over to Costco, and got hooked up with a free Droid and a complete accessory pack. Her total was $15 which was just the taxes on the value of the phone. She now has a way bigger screen, 2 cores of 1.2GHz of love, twice the storage of the 16GB iPhone, and more apps at her fingers than she knows what to do with. One thing I noticed when she had the iPhone, is that she wasn’t intrigued, or really interested in messing with it. With the new Droid, she hasn’t put it down. The only thing she is missing is some silly graphical waste of phone case now. One mistake I made though, is I didn’t transfer her contacts or pictures off of the iPhone before she returned it. Luckily we have her old phone she upgraded to the iPhone from. It is as dead as one could get, but luckily I was able to snag her contacts off of the SD card and import them in her new GMail account in seconds. She hadn’t realized I did that until I heard her say, “Oh, there are my contacts, hrmm!” She thought they just magically appeared ๐Ÿ™‚ The photos are a loss unfortunately, or fortunately for many. You see, mom was damn near on her death-bed this summer, and while on it, she received really nasty bruises from all the needles injected. Well, she thought it was a good idea to take pictures of them to show to people. Now people will not have to hold back throwing up all over the place, so I guess I kind of won there ๐Ÿ™‚

Also on the Android front, I got a Kindle Fire free in December. A stock Fire sucks the big one. Luckily a few hackers are creating an ICS ROM for it over at XDA Developer Forums. I put it on the other day and finally the Kindle is worth the $199. There are still a few minor bugs, but I can use it and be happy I am not looking at the garbage that Amazon created. If I were Google, I would make Amazon stop telling people it is Android.

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  • Roger

    My single biggest issue with iOS is that it seems to be a system to get you to enter usernames and passwords constantly, that you can sometimes use for other things.

    • So I wasn’t the only one to notice that. I was very disappointed with it. I wanted it to be good, but I was pissed at just how shitty it was. I will never trust another Apple review again.

  • You might want to try Photorec to get the photos back. I have had good results in the past. Available in Ubuntu.

  • And I thought you finally got your mother to run Linux on the desktop ๐Ÿ™ ย  I already know how shitty the iPhone is. Over-hyped!

  • Klemen

    There was a similar smartphone story here just before Xmas. my dad was buying a new mobile phone, so we went to the store and of course he first wanted to see hypePhone. I wasn’t wery happy with that since there is so much evil Apple is doing lately and it wpuld at least be bad to support this by buying and using ย their products. Luckily I convinced him to also visit another store which also had Android smartphones. I was really happy to hear that Android was the one that he thought was better. Well until he also saw a Nokia N9 (which also has Linux on it – MeeGo, which is even more Linux than Android is) and he fell in love with the design of the hardware and MeeGo itself. So in the end he bought the Nokia N9 and now uses 2 Linux systems (he already uses Mandriva on the desktop). And yes my mom also uses the same computer so she already uses Linux ๐Ÿ™‚

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