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My hats off to you…

Ubuntu Canada. From the pictures it looks like you did a great job. I was not expecting to see this though.

Tux owns Bill

I did not know you guys had a Tux that damn big. I love how it is overlooking the MS display with a look of disgust on his face. I read the bogus publicity and I am sorry, that show of force I know grabbed more than 1 persons attention. If you successfully converted 1 person, I feel you did your job. That 1 person will got tell another person and so on. Great job guys. Hey, where can I get one of them big ass penguins? For those of you who want to see more pictures, check out the Flickr images they posted.

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  • pirast

    isn’t this a montage, is it?

  • Bruce Cowan

    I think it is a montage, the mini Tuxs on the desks of the display seem a bit odd, but the picture of Tux on a large screen on the top-right indicates it has been gimpified a bit.

  • Yeah, I think from all the feedback we’ve been getting I should clarify, the image is a composite I whipped together in about 5 minutes just after the Friday event. It was never meant to be real or anything, just funny.

    Apparently the part that is most befuddling to the realism is the tux on the tv screen, but I never thought I’d need a disclaimer with the image 🙂

    Thanks for all the positive feedback.

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