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Quit comparing us to Windows

Despite it being the latest ISO image I could find, the first thing the system did when it saw the Web was to download 104 updates – roughly 60 per cent more than a new install of Windows XP SP2 asks for.

This was taken from a recent Inquirer article. I have a problem with this. Why?

  1. After a fresh install of Windows XP SP2, there are 73 updates.
  2. After a fresh install of Kubuntu Edgy, there are 65 updates (dist-upgrade) and with Ubuntu Edgy there are 72 upgrades including 4 new installs.
  3. Take your 104 updates, to the 73 from a fresh XP SP2 install, and that is roughly a 42.5% increase, not 60. ((104-73) / 73)
  4. Truth be told, it is just over a 12% increase in updates from Kubuntu Edgy and pretty much the same with Ubuntu Edgy to Windows XP SP2.

Let’s not forget that with Windows XP SP2, you also have to install your Office application, your virus scanning application, spyware detection, graphics suite, and then some. So there is hours upon hours of installation and updates, or days upon days if you are using a dial-up connection.

Well, I’ve only been playing with computers since 1972 and I couldn’t make it work. Linux can see the Windows boxes and vice versa, but any attempt to access files is met with a login dialogue box that refuses any username and password I enter. Now my learned friends tell me I should be using something called Wine. I’ve been a heavy user of wine for many years and it certainly helped relax me but did absolutely nothing for my connectivity dilemma.

I will give you the Samba issue, however it is doable as I do it at school and here in the house. Granted you partially have to edit /etc/samba/smb.conf and change the network setting to equal your workgroup. Then some tinkering with file sharing and you should be good. I am speaking from a Kubuntu standpoint, as I don’t have any experience with Samba and GNOME, however it can’t be all that different or difficult. Concerning your friends telling you to use something called Wine means either you should be new friends as Wine and connecting to Windows machines and vice versa have nothing to do with each other. Oh, and a fine Tequila such as Cabo Wabo or Patron is better than wine, however you can’t drink the same amount, unless of course you feel like learning how to crawl all over again.

The Ubuntu box now awaits rebirth as another Windows XP machine. I have neither the time nor the inclination to persevere with its perversity. Maybe I’ll try Linux again in another ten years. Maybe by then it will have grown up.

Next time start your story off with this line, so people know your mindset from the get go. Obviously you aren’t one for patience. Well, I take that back, as installing Windows XP SP2 and updating will definitely require patience, and an ass load of wine. So, we want to “BEAT” Microsoft, “NOT BE” Microsoft. Yes, out-of-the-box, gaming, and some other things will just work with Windows, but please don’t look at that as a Linux or Ubuntu issue. If the manufacturers of the equipment that just works with Windows would cooperate, then it would just work as well if not better in Linux.

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