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So I take it you use Windows XP?

“Only in between crashes.”

This is by far my favorite QOTD. Today in one of my classes, an older lady who is in my class asked me a Linux question since I have been dubbed the “campus Linux guru.” If only they knew the truth ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyways, I asked about her system specifications and realized her computer was just a few years old. Now of course I asked a stupid question for one, “So I take it you use Windows XP?” Well duh you dummy Rich! And she responded with the above quote. It had myself and the instructor in tears as this was definitely not the expected answer to such question.

So CoDLUG be aware, I have yet another switcher on their way. Not to shabby, this semester alone, 3 weeks into it, I have around 20 people now using either Ubuntu or Kubuntu. So far, these new users have said that Kubuntu is perfect for a person switching from Windows. I am glad they found it relatively easy. The Ubuntu users ask me questions, which I in turn ask in #ubuntu ๐Ÿ™‚ They don’t know I am cheating. Also, is now a hit at the college as well as Gimp.

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  • Brad Johnson

    Isn’t it interesting how a Windows crash is always the fault of Windows and an Ubuntu crash is always the fault of Automatix/EasyUbuntu or a novice user misconfiguration?

    Anyway, to the point. I’ve found the gnome-main-menu package to be a real asset in switching users to Ubuntu. Really it all starts with a familiar enough start menu in a familiar location. In addition, Feisty’s easy-codec-installation seems to work wonderfully. I can see that as being a major player in “switchers” staying with Linux rather than running back to Windows.

    I don’t have anywhere near 20 users converted but I’m working on it. Good work!!

  • Great quote and nice work with the converts. Thanks for spreading the word.

  • Brad:

    I will have to check out that GNOME main menu thing in Feisty. It doesn’t look to shabby now, but the first time I looked at it I seen more Icons in one location than I have on many machines at once. That is great with the easy-codec-installation as well. Well, those are just 20 users at school, however not all have completely switched. I mean most of them are probably 17, 18, and 19, so my god they are still living in MySpace ๐Ÿ™‚ Now if you want to include what we have done with the Chicago Local Community group, I can say we have a solid 100+ switchers that have switched 100% and are joining our team every day now. It is a great feeling.


    Ya, I loved it when she said that. I was never expecting it from someone who I figured to be Mrs. Windows. I have heard some great “myths” from the youngsters in class about Linux. It is frightening, as most of them think we still look like a DOS prompt. I know the public school system in Chicago sucks, but that bad? I think high school here in Chicago land area teaches MySpace page creation or something. I am appalled by the lack of knowledge from high school students here who have computer labs that make some college campuses look like day care facilities.

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