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String Freeze Is In Effect

Ahh, my favorite time of the release, Documentation String Freeze. With every release, us Kubuntu folks seem to struggle a bit, but this time, we have done pretty damn good. We did a complete rewrite of our documentation, getting rid of the old KDE3 documentation. And after doing that, I am just extending the freeze on Kubuntu documentation almost 24 hours. This is going to give us time to have the documentation gone through by Carl, our amazing editor-in-chief who has done a kick ass job.

I am really impressed with the results of this release cycle and the people who helped make the Kubuntu documentation at least a bit better if not a whole lot better. My documentation ninjas include:

  • Vikram Dhillon (dhillonv) – forget ninja, this guy is a kamikaze. He pumped out a ton of docs this cycle.
  • David Wonderly (DarkwingDuck) – the darkwing duck of a ninja, he pummeled out the Netbook Remix documentation, the Desktop documentation and other topics as well.
  • Jonathan Jesse (jjesse) – I’m to sexy for my docs, to sexy for my docs, so sexy they don’t validate! He got them in at the turn of the clock thankfully. I give him hell because I can, and because he does an amazing job with the Kubuntu chapter in the Official Ubuntu Book, which I am no longer a part of ๐Ÿ™
  • Carl Symons (kallecarl) – this guy is an editing ninja, so much so, I am giving him the title, Editor-In-Chief. My docs suck as it is, but thankfully he can unsuck them for me (that kind of sounded gross)
  • Bhaskar Kandiyal (gastly) – holy smokes, this guy took on graphics and video and totally blew my mind. He actually taught me some Blender with his documentation. Rock on!

If you helped with something and I forgot your name, I truly do apologize. I just went with the list of names on our todo list. Everyone, if you run into any of these people on IRC, Ubuntu Forums, a mailing list, or anywhere, give them a hug, they truly do deserve it!

At the beginning of the Lucid cycle I put out a call-for-help on rewriting Kubuntu Documentation. It seems about 10 people were interested, and out of those 10, 4 or 5 stepped up to the plate and hit home runs. I truly am amazed just how wonderful our community is here. So, if you are interested in documentation (I am looking at you shadeslayer), hop in to #kubuntu-devel and #ubuntu-doc on freenode’s IRC service (see, I spelled it right, so don’t give me grief Nathan Handler!) and let us know. I am expecting to start documentation right around the beginning of Lucid+1, the Mighty Maltese (please use this, so my little Maltese will be happy).

My plans for Lucid+1 documentation, rewrite everything!

Just kidding. Add to what we have, change some formatting and layout stuff. So if you see it missing in Lucid documentation, please, fix it up and propose a merge and we will get it in! Thanks again to everyone who made kubuntu-docs a reality!


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