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Sweet Weather Wallpaper

I was bored looking at weather stuff tonight since we are getting pummeled with snow tonight in Chicago and found a new desktop wallpaper application called Weather Wallpaper. It runs great and looks great, so here is the complimentary screen shot.


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  • Just installed it. Did you have any problem with it being stuck in “Retrieving Report”? It loaded once but after I changed the location it’s still loading.

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  • Alice: had no problems at all with it, and I am running it on Kubuntu/KDE with it being a Gtk app and all. The one sad thing, is it seems the guy who was working on it, may not be working on it anymore. Looks like he either a) stopped working on it, or hopefully b) just moved the repository from Launchpad to elsewhere and hasn’t updated his site to show that. Lets hope for (b) because it is a pretty sweet app.

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