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Ubuntu Chicago Global Jam

Hey there you Chicagoans! It is that time where we gather our little Mafia of Linux hackers and brand new users and jam out. We were just discussing this on IRC and had a few ideas that I would like to run past the rest of you, and maybe get some input from you as […]

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Chicago Style Release Party

Ubuntu Chicago held their 9.04 release party this afternoon in stormy downtown Chicago. When we arrived it was HOT and HUMID, when we left it was WET and FREEZING. We had quite a few people show up, and the great thing was it was a lot of new faces, not our typical Chicago gangsters who […]

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Kubuntu Jaunty with Radeon and Release Party

It seems that some of you with Radeon video cards might be experiencing some X related issues. My KDE developer buddy, David Faure has posted a fix that might not be for the faint of heart, but it seems those who have tried have reported success this far. If you would like more information, head […]

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