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Take your time Jordan

This is in reply to Jordan’s post about taking a little Ubuntu break. Personally I hate to see it for many reasons. Just to let a few of you in on why, here are a couple of my reasons. Jordan has been a very good friend and has helped me out tremendously in a lot of areas:

  1. Ichthux Linux – when we were active we were on! Hopefully one day Raphael will not be so busy and we can get back into it.
  2. Documentation – Jordan helped me out in so many areas while I was becoming accustomed to how the project worked.
  3. MOTU – I wouldn’t be a MOTU without the drive and support of Jordan. Granted I worked hard for a couple of years, but Jordan’s constant support lead me to believe I was ready.
  4. Edubuntu – I was watching as Jordan and the crew over at Edubuntu were kicking some major arse and working hard. In a time of need over there I attempted to step up and help out. Seeing as Jordan is taking a well needed, and well deserved break, I am willing to step up and hopefully continue where you will be leaving off. I am up to help you on this!

This doesn’t include the day-to-day interaction with Jordan that was just amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better person to really enforce some of the deep meanings in Free Software that Jordan has done for me. When my eyes were cloudy, he always found his way over to me to clarify them.

If you aren’t heavily involved in the development of Ubuntu or Edubuntu, then you may not know just how important Jordan is to this community. Not to rain on Mark’s parade, but Jordan is the “sabdfl” of the MOTU world ๐Ÿ™‚ He is the most patient person you will ever run into, always stays level headed, and I can honestly say for the past couple of years, I have never seen him lose his cool.

So Jordan, here is to you and a speedy recovery ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, burn-out is something a lot of us face in this community, and if it wasn’t for great people like Jordan, I am willing to bet you would probably see even more. I know Jordan will be back soon and ready to kick arse and take some names again. In the mean time, if I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask buddy! I am willing to work more on the Edubuntu stuff (sorry for taking a hiatus, I am still here for you guys though), as well as the Packaging Guide in the mean time. So if you have any extra information you would like to pass along, feel free to hit me up anyway you feel!

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