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Ubuntu and Kubuntu Street Art Wallpapers

I have always been a street art, or graffiti, fan. Because of this I have always wanted a Kubuntu or KDE wallpaper with this style. The other day while checking out KDE Look, someone had made some for other distros. I messaged the person online and today he answered and answered big time, producing 2 great looking wallpapers. A big thanks goes out to gnokii for creating them.

Click either image for the full size. They are only 1024×768, but I have them on a 1680×1050 LCD and they look great actually. I have asked for bigger images, so we shall see. Thanks again gnokii for your awesome work!

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  • nabil2199

    I would love a 16:10 kubuntu one

  • ethana2

    I am now using that wallpaper 🙂

  • @nabil2199: ya, I would love that size as well 🙂 Though at 1680×1050, that wallpaper still looks great I have to say, it scales well because it is street art 🙂

  • Dan

    I think it’s time to start tagging actual walls with these designs.

  • @Dan: I have been trying to find someone in Chicago to do so for me, as there are fairly large spots where it is “legal” to do this.

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  • matelot

    yuck fugly

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