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Ubuntu Chicago Files Chapter 13

To go along with the spirit of most big things in the United States, Ubuntu Chicago is filing Chapter 13. Well almost big things, as they all filed Chapter 11 pretty much. Anyways, Ubuntu Chicago isn’t going anywhere, it is just going to restructure itself to become a much more efficient LoCo team. Some of the restructuring is going to bring:

  • Regular online meetings
  • Regular in-person group meetings
  • Regular Jams (we are doing a Doc Jam this weekend as a matter of fact)
  • Much more visible in the community
  • and more…

So, we have already started the process for regular online meetings and online gatherings where we will follow and not follow an agenda. We are going to start scheduling regular in-person group meetings as well, which will more than likely go hand-in-hand with the various LUG meetings in the Chicago land area. We are going to start doing regular jams, and starting this week we will be kicking off a Doc Jam. We are planning on becoming much more visible to the community and to people who are outside of the community. One major complaint we had was our website not only sucked, but was so outdated. To alleviate any issues regarding the website, I will now be hosting our website, which will bring news, events, information and more to the people of Chicago. The buzz right now is pretty high in Ubuntu Chicago and I feel like I did the day myself and Mike Greenwood decided to make Ubuntu Chicago a reality damn near 5 years ago. I will keep you updated with the changes coming and being implemented as I am sure Nathan and Jim will as well. If you are in or around the Chicago land area, please do not hesitate to join us in #ubuntu-chicago on the Freenode IRC network, or join our mailing list to follow along with current and upcoming activities.

Ubuntu Chicago Coming Soon!

"We’ve got this LoCo team, and it’s f@#kin’ golden!" – Governor Tuxgojevich

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