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UDS Remotely

So, as you probably already know, since it is quiet in Orlando, I am not at UDS. Because of that, I am tuning in remotely. Thanks to Harald for the Amarok script that is working amazingly right now. Thus far, here is my little summary of what I have witnessed today:

  • Mark announced Unity by default, in turn uniting a bunch of pissed off people on Twitter. Psst! gnome-desktop-environment will still be there
  • The live video feed of Mark looked black and white, except Ubuntu was aubergine
  • Gobby (gobby-0.5 is the package you want to use by the way, or kobby as it actually works with this UDS) can’t make up its mind on if it wants to be up or down
  • Kubuntu is thinking about going with the stable Kontact/KMail, stable being version 3.5.10, until KMail2 is alive and well
  • Scott brought up default browsers, in turn causing every Kubuntu developer to bring out some fangs and claws
  • Oh and concerning the live video feed, it is true about the camera adding 5 or more pounds, but I also learned it also removes 5 or more hairs on your head at the same time

Working remotely, I also realized something else, and this concerns the plenaries. Remotely, these would be best at the end of the day, as then I would only have to worry about the lunch break as a disruption for remote participation. Instead of 2 hours of disruption, there would only be an hour. Also, I remember the plenaries after lunch while being at UDS physically. At times, they were hard to stay awake for after having a belly full of food. I think having them the last hour of the day as the closer would be good, as it brings everyone to the same location at that time.

Also, playing the UDS live audio streams along with Severed Fifth is quite amusing.

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