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Vista Released

Oh, who I am kidding, you don’t care!

Well, about 100 people did care as they lined up yesterday at the local Best Buy to be met by DuPage County Sheriff, Best Buy managers, and Defective by Designs Bad Vista’ers. Hopefully I will have some pictures soon. All I can say is I froze my ass off in that yellow HazMat suit. And if any of you in Chicago still have prehistoric Comcast (wannabe) digital cable, you might have caught us on CLTV. We chanted, we handed out information, and we shivered! It was still fun.

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  • Hey good job, way to actually not just blog about what you believe in.

    On a side note, I should comment something absurd and negative here to fit in with the crowd a few posts back.

  • Jonathon Conte

    Good show. I look forward to seeing some photographs. What was the general reaction from the Best Buy customers?

  • Some were interested in what we were saying, actually what Mike (I think that was his name) was saying. Most thought of course we were idiots. In a way I don’t blame them, here are 5 or so people dressed up in yellow HazMat suits talking about stuff I have no clue about (this is what the people in line were thinking, not me). Though I like the fact we irritated the Best Buy managers because they were affraid they were going to loose money with us there. Luckily for us, the location of their store wasn’t owned by them, as they were only renters, so we could go all the way up to the front doors. The police officers though were cool and wore a GNU sticker! Some of the people took some of the anti-DRM stickers and pamphlets to learn more, so we hope.

    I keep watching Flickr for the images, as the guy who held the little event said he was going to post them. I accidentally stumbled upon this entire thing, as I hadn’t planned to go to a Best Buy and picket the event. I went for breakfast and seen the Vista truck, so I was like oh cool, lemme go see. When I got close, I seen 3 guys in yellow with the Bad Vista signs and I knew I had to join. I got out there and the guy was like don’t waste your money or time on Vista or something or other, and I was like “no dude, I’m one of you!” He pointed me to their mini van and said his wife had stickers, a sign, and a suit. If only the suit would have fitted over my coat and what not, it wouldn’t have been to shabby. But I was wearing that damn suit, if I am going to go against the Vista release, I was going all out. Frostbite and frozen boogs weren’t stopping me ๐Ÿ™‚

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