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We can haz k

We got it! What you ask? The missing letter “K” in the new font that is part of the whole rebranding process for Ubuntu and family. I got home from enjoying the beautiful weather here in Chicago and good ol’ Jonathan Riddell asked if I could make a new Plymouth theme for Kubuntu using the new logo. 30 seconds later, and we have the following:

click for larger image

We are aware that it looks a bit cruddy with people using NVIDIA proprietary drivers. Once it is figured out on the Plymouth end, I am sure we will have something new by then, so please bear with us. Thank you!

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  • binarylooks

    Beautiful work.

    I congratulate everyone on the logo decision. It looks so very fresh ๐Ÿ™‚
    I hope the kubuntu crowd agrees to keep the logo for the final lucid release.

  • TGM

    I find the nVidia driver logo full of 8 bit goodness, V. Retro!
    But yes I’ve returned to the nouveau driver for now…

  • TGM

    Ah… Sorry to double post but is that font going to be released with a complete character set anytime? I’d love to have it as my main font.

  • TGM, check out this quote from Mark Shuttleworth’s page:

    [The font] will be published under an open font license, and considered part of the trade dress of Ubuntu, which will limit its relevance for software interfaces outside of Ubuntu but leave it free for use across the web and in printed documents.
    It will take a few months for the font to be finalised, initial elements will be final in the next week which will be sufficient for the logo and other bits and pieces, but I expect to see that font widely used in 10.10.

    Might also be a good idea to check out the Ubuntu branding wiki page. Although it doesn’t really talk about the font, it’s still an interesting read!

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  • gp

    Great work.
    Very nice artwork.

    But, why not do a wallpaper also for kdm and kde with the same color of plymouth theme?
    I think we will have a artwork more coherent from boot to desktop.

    i.e.: this is only a quick idea.

  • looks good, do you mind sharing the svg of the logo?

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  • Scott James Remnant

    Do you know something about Plymouth and the NVIDIA proprietary driver that I don’t? Cause as far as I know, 16 colors is all you’re ever going to get over there

  • MirzaD

    Great new look, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I guess I’ll start using kubuntu from now on.

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