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We Will Miss You Holly

Well, as of 3:00am here in Chicago (09:00 UTC), our beloved Holly Johnson passed away. She treated us to many great times during her 11 years on this earth and will be treating her maker to just as many good times. As most of you know Holly fell ill last week and had seemed to be nursing everything quite well. Today she went to the vet for a checkup and they said everything looked good, and to keep her off of her medicine for 24 hours hoping it would cause her to eat. Just over 45 minutes ago, I heard the ever familiar sound of Holly jumping out of bed to wonder the house. This time she didn’t jump out of bed, but instead fell very ill. I heard dad come down the stairs yelling the dogs name. I went out to see what all the noise was about and dad was holding a lifeless Holly in his hands. She was still breathing, but barely, and heartbeat that we have all come to know was very slow. Dad rushed off to the animal hospital with Holly. I just got off the phone with him 15 minutes ago and received the news. Holly being her wonderful self left this world, but left my dad a gift. She peed on him as she left, however sad that may be the humor is there as we always said when Holly went to the bathroom in the house, she left a pile of love. I guess that was her last bit of love she had before she left.


I think the hardest part will come when I have to tell my daughter that her most favorite animal in the world is no longer with us. I thank each and every one of you for your continued support throughout the past week. I am fine, and I am sure the family will be fine after the typical grieving period. We just have to know that Holly isn’t suffering and is perfectly fine in doggy heaven. We will miss you Holly!

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  • Severin Schoepke

    I feel with you, it’s very hard to loose a beloved animal… Our dog died this August (2 days before his 11th birthday), so I can understand your situation pretty well.
    I hope your daughter will manage to take the sad news…

  • Daniel

    Been read this on the ubuntu planet and just wanted to leave a note of support.

    Hope that your daughter takes it well, its very hard loosing a loved pet. Good that you can see the humerous side and i’m sure that your Holly will be in dog heaven.


  • Kevin Mark

    Sorry to hear the sad news 🙁

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