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Just so everyone knows, the quote by Mark Shuttleworth was horribly used and misrepresented by the so-called writer. Also bare in mind that the owner of this website is Ziff Davis, which just happens to receive gobs of money from Microsoft for advertising and providing reviews on their products with a high rating every time. Even though it is a Linux news site, you know where some of their operating cash comes from.

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  • raptros-v76

    if anyone were to read that guys source, he would probably become a laughingstock. after claiming that he knew linspire would, um, whatever, saying that ubuntu will do the same thing after shuttleworth stated almost exactly the opposite makes him look very foolish, imo. i wouldnt trust any of this guy’s other writings after that kind of poor research.

  • Asker

    I agree. I have a hard time understanding what Mr. Vaughan-Nichols agenda is here. Is he paid to twist words and spread FUD about Ubuntu/Linux, or is he just an incredibly poor writer?

  • David Thomas

    So, this guy should be working for the New York Post, or even the Enquirer…what a crock of BS.

  • Anything out of Ziff Davis has always been biased. I remember the video card wars back when the Radeons came out to fight against the GeForce cards. Back when the Radeons sucked, all Ziff Davis publications rated them as high if not higher. I had the chance back in 2000/2001 to actually write hardware reviews for a couple of the top technical websites, and one landed me a good job as an editor and at times an on-air host for hacking hardware. Well the place that I did some hardware hacking on-air for was ran by Ziff Davis at the time, and they would only allow me to do ATI hacks, or AMD hacks. After reading their publications it finally made sense, these 2 manufacturers always had the largest advertisements in their magazines.

    Linux Watch usually has some decent content, and so does the author who wrote this utter crap. I wouldn’t put it past Ziff Davis though to push for this type of article just to stir the pot. Why? Could be to draw in more advertising, to get their Google rankings higher (which most people who say they hate Ubuntu does), or a number of other things. I know that a couple of articles I wrote in the past about overclocking GPUs, I flat out said the Radeon was garbage, and had it approved by 2 lead editors, to only be shut down by corporate baboons. So for this case, maybe we shouldn’t kill the messanger?

  • Hey Nixternal,

    The thing is that it is probable that Mark and Ubuntu would love to work with Microsoft. On Bug #1, that is!


  • mybunche

    I knew this article was a crock of BS. I thank you for you mentioning Ziff Davis as I have done some research to educate myself. I really wish more people would know about this because it gives Ubuntu/Linux a bad name. Maybe/probably that’s their intension. I will keep a more critical eye when reading articles from Linux Watch in the future.

    Thanks for sharing this. Spread the word.

  • Eddie M.

    is there anyway to get in contact with this writer and let them know what’s up.

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  • heathenx

    @Eddie M.

    here’s mr. vaughan-nichols’ email address. i have written him before and he does respond.

    it’s possible that i could be way off base here but i have never considered mr. vaughan-nichols to be in microsoft’s back pocket. of course, i have stuck my foot in my mouth before…

  • In short, I still think we can expect to see a Microsoft/Ubuntu deal sometime this year.

    You know it is sad when instead of admitting you were full of shit, instead you write a BIG POST about what Mark posted this week, and then end the entire post off with the above quote., the communities #1 FUD source!

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