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And we're off to the races!

OK, maybe not…

Today while watching Microsoft after Microsoft commercial on ABC and ESPN, there was the most important day in motorsports here in the USA, except for the running of the 500, it was Pole Position day. And the Linux car…WTF WAS IT?

I sure hope this isn’t turning into a joke, but I am sorry, why don’t you attempt to qualify for the pole? You do realize the amount of people who watch pole day are just over half that watch race day. Oh well, why should I care, nobody else seems to.

So pole position goes to Castroneves, wish it were Kanaan, at 225.817 MPH. And ending the first 11 in the field comes the man! Michael Andretti, granted he can’t win, but still turned out a solid 222.789 MPH. These cars are smoking!

I am sorry if I upset some of you backing Tux500 hardcore, but what I have seen thus far is blasphemy. If you don’t believe me, read the stats, they stink, huge media day today, they aren’t there, go near the garage for a picture, IT WAS CLOSED! My old man tried twice for me. I was really hoping you all would prove me wrong, get all of the money you needed to get the sponsor ship rolling, but with just 9 days left, you haven’t even met half of what it takes for the lowest amount of sponsorship you have put on your website. From the looks of it, you might have made enough to buy that Linux server or laptop for one lucky person, some VIP love for a couple of people and some Tux500 swag. I respect what you tried to do, but I said it from the get go you went about it the wrong way. Sponsorships are not purchased within the final 2 months prior to the race, so I hope you all learn from this. Granted race day isn’t here yet and you still have a chance to prove me wrong, but I think I will call the race right now, the winner, Tony Kanaan. The only thing to save Tux from last place is either a 34th car shows up and knocks Tux out of qualifying, or AJ Foyt Jr. does his typical stuff and crashes leaving the outhouses before the race begins. Good luck, but I and many others are laughing in disappointment right now.

Flame on! I know it is coming.

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  • Stefan

    “Flame on! I know it is coming.”
    All right then ๐Ÿ™‚
    Actually, I had never heard of this 500-what-ever. And now I can read that this is sooooo important for Linux. Wow. Oh, it’s USA only. Ok. Ah, and it’s motorsport fans only. Well, yes than it must be really important. It’s definitly more important than autodetecting projectors at big international conferences, when all the students and professors in the audience have to wait until your xserver is restarted. I bet that all these people at such a conference think: It does not really work, but if they had a car at some motorsport event in some country somewhere, I would consider to use Linux.

    I hope the Tux500 car looses the game and we can concentrate on the operating system again.

  • Oh, we are concentrating on the operating system, just some others aren’t. They think money for stickers on a slow car is the way to concentrate, instead of sharing the money with the community developers who could be working on autodetecting projectors. I am definitely with you on the projectors that’s for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ Now I don’t wish the car, driver, or team bad luck, but everything that has been done has been tainted the entire way through.

    Plus I just looked, and this year ticket prices start at $20 USD. That only means the race isn’t as popular anymore.

  • I became extremely tired of spewing things on my blog so I thought I’d come say hi and spew some things here. ;-0 Dude, it’s a joke…lighten up. You are acting like we just sold Red China our Nuclear Secrets. Oh wait, that was Clinton…my bad.

    Here. There seems to be some things to straighten out:

    “you havenโ€™t even met half of what it takes for the lowest amount of sponsorship you have put on your website”.

    This is a simple matter of logic. I’ve read your work, I know you are an apt thinker so I pose the question…and look, I’m coming here with a civil tone. I personally couldn’t care less of what you think of me. Could the money been spent in a better fashion? Well, yeah…why didn’t you raise it? Why did you leave it up to someone as inept as me to do it? You can not with any credibility scream about results you have done nothing to contribute to. Lessons to be learned here man, if you think something ought to be done, then GET it done.

    I don’t think you or many people have a clue as to how much work this has been. And in all honesty, thank you for mentioning the 40 day short time cycle of this project. it only goes to show what can be done in 40 days…especially when someone sticks their leg out at the starting gate and trips you.

    What you have here is a couple of guys pushing the iceberg and each side of the path lined with people slinging rocks at them. Where is the accomplishment in that? You want a project like you mention, then organize it, go with 3 hours of sleep a night until you see it through, then come see me for your wounds. I have plenty of bandages left over from this experience. Of course, I have no doubt I will be needing them for the next.

    Ah, an exhibit of my greatest fault…taking the back roads to get to my point. I will pose the question again. You bring up the point:

    “…you havenโ€™t even met half of what it takes for the lowest amount of sponsorship you have put on your website…”

    Then tell me what this is:

    or this:

    or even this:

    Now, I believe you may be an open-wheel race fan. Tell me sir, what is the cost of that nose cone? How much is paid for that car chassis real estate by a sponsor? I know already…some of you think this was jumped into with no knowledge or research, I have asked 11 race teams/managers what they charge for that particular placement. I want to see the number you come up with.

    It is, without a doubt, a substantial amount more than the money we have visibly raised. It has been brought up in various forums…and I am leaving the question unanswered for now. The Math doesn’t add up. How did Tux500 Get that placement for those few dollars?

    Whether you like it or not, whether you agree with it or not, the name “Linux” has been exposed to a few million people who have as of yet, never heard of it. The questions are already being asked. We are answering them.

    If we don’t raise one more dime, this project has achieved the goal it set out to do in the first place. and Stephan? Stay tooned. We are all a bit disappointed by Pole Day, but it’s not my place to comment on it. That is up to Tom Chastain to address. Why don’t the people who have showed such disdain for this effort go tell him how much he sucks. He’s accepting the money. He has given you much and it is being thrown back into his face by just a few. Which segment of the Linux Community is he going to think about when he thinks about Linux? In my heart of hearts, I can’t believe you would be one of them.


  • Joey Bhananas

    “They think money for stickers on a slow car is the way to concentrate, instead of sharing the money with the community developers who could be working on autodetecting projectors.”

    Actually, if you look at your average car in your average Indy 500, you’ll see myriads of companies that you could make that argument for. I’ve never liked Motorola phones, maybe they should stop sponsoring drivers like Danica Patrick and hire someone to work on making their phones better..

    Tide Detergent? They need to make their powder less prone to caking up in the wash and leaving the occasional white clump on my clothes. Yet another company wasting money on a sticker…

    Red Bull? Too pricey, save money by dropping sponsorship.

    7-11? The coffee stinks. Spend your money better by buying a better ground bean.

    Budweiser Beer? No problems here, they’re the king of beers! What would they need advertising for?

    Some people want to get your projectors going, other people want to find cool ways to show off the fact that Linux is actually a viable product. Slow car or not, that’s a quarter million people sitting in the crowd you’re flashing your product to, and millions more on TV. More people seeing a product means more people using a product. Which means more people that just may be interested in getting your projector issues resolved. Just be glad it’s a respectable venue theyre trying for like Formula 1, and not NASCAR.

    And if it’s still upsetting to you, look at it this way. Slower cars are easier to read ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Zexy

    re: “Just be glad itโ€™s a respectable venue theyre trying for like Formula 1, and not NASCAR.”

    They would probably get more traction out of a Nascar spot. That being said, I’m not a huge race car fan, never really have been. But I do occasionally watch Nascar. As for Indy500?…I can’t remember the last time I actually watched it but I can say that I don’t watch it more than a few times a decade.

    Others have suggested a more “international” event would have drawn much more interest. I agree with that. How about the Tour de France bike race…or maybe some Olympic sponsorship?

    People just don’t care about Indy anymore. IMHO, it’s Superbowl Sunday, MLB Playoffs, NBA Playoffs.

  • Joey Bhananas

    Ahhh, maybe I’m just letting my bias against NASCAR show here.

    But anyway, my point is that an attempt to get the name out, any attempt to make Linux creep into the mainstream, should be welcome. Long as it’s not “Cannibalism Expo ’07, sponsored by Linux!” that is ๐Ÿ™‚ The projector issue seems like a major inconvenience, and yes, steps should be taken to resolve the inconveniences, but one of the problems Linux has had for years is that an embarrassingly large number of people view Linux as either an impossibly-difficult OS made only for people who drink Jolt Cola and have no lives outside a text prompt, or as a toy OS for people who like to tinker with OS’es that give you real power, like say, Windows XP with Microsoft Office (because we all know Windows is the only serious operating system out there.)

    As a tech, I can confirm the following statements by clients:

    “I don’t want to install Linux on my computer, I’ve heard it slows down Windows too much.”
    “Sure, Linux is free, but the hardware costs twice as much!”

    I think that by itself, is enough to start advertising a little more ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Joey Bhananas

    Sory, hate to write a book then barge in again, but that line in my last post should read.. “toy OS for people who like to tinker with OS’es that don’t give your real power.”

    I know take you back to your regularly-scheduled blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Joey Bhananas

    Just a footnote: As of yesterday you can add “Well why would I want to learn Linux when I get Windows free when I buy a computer?” to the ignorance-inspired questions I’ve gotten.

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