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And we're off to the races!

OK, maybe not…

Today while watching Microsoft after Microsoft commercial on ABC and ESPN, there was the most important day in motorsports here in the USA, except for the running of the 500, it was Pole Position day. And the Linux car…WTF WAS IT?

I sure hope this isn’t turning into a joke, but I am sorry, why don’t you attempt to qualify for the pole? You do realize the amount of people who watch pole day are just over half that watch race day. Oh well, why should I care, nobody else seems to.

So pole position goes to Castroneves, wish it were Kanaan, at 225.817 MPH. And ending the first 11 in the field comes the man! Michael Andretti, granted he can’t win, but still turned out a solid 222.789 MPH. These cars are smoking!

I am sorry if I upset some of you backing Tux500 hardcore, but what I have seen thus far is blasphemy. If you don’t believe me, read the stats, they stink, huge media day today, they aren’t there, go near the garage for a picture, IT WAS CLOSED! My old man tried twice for me. I was really hoping you all would prove me wrong, get all of the money you needed to get the sponsor ship rolling, but with just 9 days left, you haven’t even met half of what it takes for the lowest amount of sponsorship you have put on your website. From the looks of it, you might have made enough to buy that Linux server or laptop for one lucky person, some VIP love for a couple of people and some Tux500 swag. I respect what you tried to do, but I said it from the get go you went about it the wrong way. Sponsorships are not purchased within the final 2 months prior to the race, so I hope you all learn from this. Granted race day isn’t here yet and you still have a chance to prove me wrong, but I think I will call the race right now, the winner, Tony Kanaan. The only thing to save Tux from last place is either a 34th car shows up and knocks Tux out of qualifying, or AJ Foyt Jr. does his typical stuff and crashes leaving the outhouses before the race begins. Good luck, but I and many others are laughing in disappointment right now.

Flame on! I know it is coming.

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