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Welcome to Debian

please enjoy the ride…

There are a couple of KDE extra packages in Debian that haven’t been touched in a while and I was interested in helping maintain them. StevenK from IRC, a super cool DD (Debian Developer), told me how to go about getting it done. So I emailed the current maintainer who seems to be on a hiatus for about the past year and a half. Next thing I know I am told to check out pkg-kde on Alioth, Debian’s version of Sourceforge or Launchpad. While there I noticed some names looked familiar in the development area (tonio, toma, Hobbsee, Riddell). So upon further research I said the heck with it and signed up! A couple of emails from ana on IRC (#debian-qt-kde on or OFTC), I was a member. I was then told to go ahead and start a bug up and go that route and to attempt to bring the package into the pkg-kde/kde-extras area. So now that is rocking and I am working with Debian KDE people.

Also this week I was able to locate a Debian Developer, actually two, in Chicago and have agreed to meet up and get my GPG key signed. This is just the first step in many, but I am totally stoked to get the chance to help out big daddy Debian! So maybe one day I can be cool like StevenK and become an official DD.</daydream>. Overall I am super impressed on just how easy it is to become involved in 3 of the greatest projects ever! KDE, Ubuntu, and now Debian. In the words of Jonathan Riddell, “GROOVY!”

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  • David Nusinow

    Welcome to the project!

  • David,

    Thanks for the welcome! I wish I would have gotten into it sooner, but better late than never I guess. Thanks again!

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