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Thanks for all the fish!

It doesn’t get said enough I feel. Everyone is always busy working their fingers to the bone to bring us all a better desktop experience. Or people are busy learning their new system with the dreams and the passions of eventually becoming a developer. So what doesn’t get said enough?


I want to say thank you to everyone who is involved with every process imaginable in bringing all of us the greatest operating systems and software applications known to man. So thank you to all of the developers, documentors, volunteers on any level, and most importantly the users. A lot of users get addicted and feel that they are to new to be important, let me be the first to say you are way more valuable than you could ever imagine. It is your new views that helps developers create a better application, a more user-friendly application. Don’t ever think you are to new, or are a newbie, and can’t do something. You obviously made a wise decision switching to free software, so I know you have it in you to do whatever it is you want. Everyone of you are a very important aspect of our community, a community that Ubuntu was built around. So thanks for all of the fish, and I look forward to sharing a lot more fish with everyone in the future!


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