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Ant, RPM, why do my dashes become underscores?

Just wanted to throw this out and see if anyone else is experiencing this, has experienced this, or knows how to fix this. I only know of one way to reproduce this and it is using Ant to create RPMs. I have my directory structure like the following:


When I run Ant in sub-folder, it will break complaining that there is no such file or directory. It is there! For real it is. But after further review, I noticed it wasn’t lying, but it was looking for a different directory. It was looking for the following:


That’s right, it is trying to do work in the sub_folder instead of the correct sub-folder. I am going nuts trying to figure this out.

My work around right now is to rename the sub-folder to sub_folder and then everything works out. Any ideas?

Note: This just started happening in Intrepid, worked fine earlier in Intrepid and worked in Hardy.

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