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VirtualBox Multiple TCP Port Forwarding

When I need to test some Django code, I find it much easier to just run or install a copy of Turnkey Linux and grab the appliance that I need. They have a few different types of appliances and if you need to do any code testing for Django, Rails, Drupal, and more, I suggest […]

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Rodent Hunting

Hey my fellow lazy webbers! I am looking at getting a new mouse that is elegant, sleek, and super mobile. Right now there are 3 models that fit this category that I like pretty well: Logitech VX Nano Logitech V550 Nano Logitech V450 Nano What I like about these 3 is that they have the […]

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Ant, RPM, why do my dashes become underscores?

Just wanted to throw this out and see if anyone else is experiencing this, has experienced this, or knows how to fix this. I only know of one way to reproduce this and it is using Ant to create RPMs. I have my directory structure like the following: /home/username/folder/sub-folder/foo When I run Ant in sub-folder, […]

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