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Rodent Hunting

Hey my fellow lazy webbers! I am looking at getting a new mouse that is elegant, sleek, and super mobile. Right now there are 3 models that fit this category that I like pretty well:

  1. Logitech VX Nano
  2. Logitech V550 Nano
  3. Logitech V450 Nano

What I like about these 3 is that they have the super small USB dongle that doesn’t stick out much from the side of my laptop, therefore allowing me to keep it plugged in at all times, even while transporting it. I know that with the VX Nano, the middle mouse button click doesn’t work like typical middle mouse buttons. Instead of doing what I am used to, it changes the type of scrolling action. Click it down and you have typical wheel scroll with the little clicking action. Click it down again and you have that super smooth non-clicking action scroll, which is by far my favorite and the reason I have been using Microsoft rodents for the past couple of years.

My question is do the V550 and V450 do the same with the middle mouse button for you owners out there? If you have any of these rodents, please tell me which one you have and if you like it or not. Right now I can pick up the V450 at the local Circuit City for $35 USD. $45 for the VX and I think around $50 for the V550 (maybe cheaper).

I have found a how-to page for the VX and getting all of the buttons to work, even in KDE. Do any of you use one these rodents in KDE/Kubuntu as well?

EDIT: I picked up the VX Nano and I am using it now. All I can simply state about this rodent is WOW!!! I paid $45 at Tiger Direct for it, definitely worth every penny I paid for it. Simply amazing. Thanks to everyone who left a comment pushing the VX Nano and the VX line. You all totally rock!

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