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Cooling recommendations needed

What CPU cooler do you recommend? My specs are this right here: CPU: Pentium 4 D (dual-core) 2.66GHz Mobo: MSI PM8M3-V (micro-atx) LGA775 Case: This one I am looking for a cooler that isn’t to expensive, somewhat quiet, very good, and hopefully doesn’t have those plastic motherboard connectors I previously warned about. Thus far I […]

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Who here runs Gnome Applets in KDE?

I am currently writing up some information for extra applications available to Kubuntu users and a couple of people have expressed that having information about some Gnome panel applets would be good. Can you run Gnome panel applets in KDE? I have never tried, nor have the time right now, but if you could let […]

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Bibliography Help

What do you use when you create a “Works Cited” or “Bibliography” page when writing? Is there any one application that totally rocks for this feat? It would be great to find one that polls a database upon an author name, or a book title, and then automagically fills in the rest of the bib. […]

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