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Who here runs Gnome Applets in KDE?

I am currently writing up some information for extra applications available to Kubuntu users and a couple of people have expressed that having information about some Gnome panel applets would be good. Can you run Gnome panel applets in KDE? I have never tried, nor have the time right now, but if you could let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

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  • FreddyMartinez

    I know you can run KDE apps in GNOME, for example Amarok in the GNOME panels. I’m sure its the same way because aren’t there desktop environment guidelines? I’m fairly sure there are but I don’t know what they are called.

  • Tray icons are cross-desktop-compatible, but panel applets for gnome-panel aren’t loadable by KDE’s kicker and vice versa. Hypothetically somebody could write another application to load them — there’s a couple apps that can host WindowMaker dock thingies — but there aren’t any that I know of.

  • Jonas

    Well, there is one way that might work…for those that use Compiz together with KDE at least. What one can do is “replace” kicker with one of the gnome centric docks such as avant-window-manager.

    IIRC, it can replace the standard Gnome-panel completely and thus should be able to utilize the gnome-applets. Although that approach although that approach probably means you can not use the KDE applets instead. At least not where you are used to having them.

    I wouldn’t recommend this solution though.

  • I love the little KBounce game, and I have it on my Gnome desktop. I am thinking about bringing K3B over, too. I don’t mind having the additional files necessary for running KDE stuff, I think others are like me too. We just want what we prefer on one desktop.

  • Well, I’ve been playing with GNOME for the week as I’ve used it (write up coming up on my blog soon). I’ve heard many people rave about the panels, but honestly they seem like overkill to me. I don’t really use any of them.

  • The Gnome-Applets wors if u call wit -w. But they doesn’t will appear in the Tray. I think here is a KDE-Programm needed, which can handle Gnome-Applets. This would be very great…

  • Ariel

    I have found a way to run gnome applets on gnome, although not very user-friendly.

    You can use the gnome panel-test-applets command to run applets.

    This command is designed to run applets in a test environment that could lead to proper output messages if something fails, but all along, it works in kde by creating a new window serving as a gnome panel with the applet of your choice run.

    It worked for me for now.

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