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Gutsy Printing Question

OK, for those of you using Gutsy, have you experienced any printing issues lately? I have an HP PSC 1600 multi-functional printer. Previous to Gutsy, I printed to it without any issues at all. I was amazed at how well it worked. Lately I have noticed that it doesn’t respect margins all to well, and […]

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Request for Kubuntu users

If you are a Kubuntu user then we have a very small request. Currently, the space on the Kubuntu CDs are next to nothing, which means that it is darn near impossible to add more applications to the CDs themselves in order to keep them on a single CD. After our recent OpenWeek sessions, one […]

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How do you LaTeX?

Alrighty my fellow free software brethren. I have a few questions for you concerning the use of LaTeX when writing your educational papers. I have just recently started using LaTeX because I heard all of the cool people do, and well because, it just flat out produces a much nicer paper than using a word […]

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