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Request for Kubuntu users

If you are a Kubuntu user then we have a very small request. Currently, the space on the Kubuntu CDs are next to nothing, which means that it is darn near impossible to add more applications to the CDs themselves in order to keep them on a single CD. After our recent OpenWeek sessions, one of the community members, mzungu, brought up some important applications that are available and would be nice to have on the CD. Since the CD is full, we have to turn this idea down at this time. However, after mzungu and I spoke a little more on the subject, we realized just how important it is to let new users know just how many applications are available to them in the repositories. And since we can’t add them all to a CD, I have decided to go forward with a new addition to the Kubuntu documentation called “Kubuntu Extras.” This document will make its way into the 8.04 (Hardy Heron) documentation installed with Kubuntu as well as live in a location, not yet determined, on the community documentation wiki.

So what is the request? If there is an application that you just absolutely love and cannot live without, that wasn’t installed by default when you installed Kubuntu, then we would like you to add that application to a page mzungu created on the wiki. You can find the page at If the application you were going to add is already on there, then just go ahead and put a checkmark next to it. To do a checkmark with the MoinMoin wiki language, you just add (./) next to the application you want.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (nixternal) on IRC (in a ton of channels, so it isn’t hard to find me, or you can just /msg me), or leave a comment in this post. Thanks everyone!

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  • Jonas

    Hm, just wondering…what about apps or utilities that are not available in the repos as of now? Should we add software we run and consider suitable candidates even if we had to hunt them down elsewhere (like or compiling from source)?

    And just an idea…since space is so scarce on the CD have you considered making a DVD-iso with extra packages installed as default? Not to replace the CD, since some people do not have DVD-writers yet, but as an alternative?

  • Three letters, DVD. In my experience, it’s very rare for people to not have DVD writers/readers on their machine. Also, if your installer is good, then you can easily have a CDROM install and a DVD install.

  • mike

    why not let the users create their own customised disk? there are programs that are on the disk that many people don’t need or use which is doing nothing for the user yet taking up space that could be used by something a little more useful. for that matter, why is there no option to substitute one program for another? konqueror instead of dolphin for example. *bsd has been doing it for quite some time now and it strikes me as odd that kubuntu doesn’t. sure there is a project somewhere… that is trying this out but frankly the average person isn’t going to be able to find it as it is no where near kubuntu’s main site. just my 2 cents

  • Why not rather encourage people to install popularity-contest and take the input from there? Less work and bigger sample, I bet.

  • @Lynoure: Already there πŸ™‚ To bad not many people activate it when installing Kubuntu, or Ubuntu for that matter. It is a hidden secret located under that “Advanced” tab that nobody seems to click on anyways.

  • Sokraates

    To repeat Jonas’ question: may apps be included, that are not in the repos yet?

  • if they are “free and open source” I say add them, and if they are “free and open source”, then I will just package them and get them into the repos πŸ™‚

  • Kenny

    I agree with “Mike”….I use Mint and it’s so far the best I’ve ever used….it’s based in ubuntu so Im sure if it went kde it may roll over to ubuntu/mint.KDE rocks tho..just a lil to windows-like for me…thanks guys keep up the great work.

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