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Opening an Access DB

I am currently working on a DB API for a Java application, and one of the requests was to be able to query Microsoft Access Databases. OK, no problem I thought. I could easily open up these databases with Database or even Kexi. WRONG! Neither of them would open or even import the database. I personally am not a fan of OO.o, so I went over with Kexi. After some fiddling around, I did apt-cache search mdb just to see what there was. Low and behold there were two applications of interest. kexi-mdb-driver and kexi-mdb-plugin. I first tried the plugin and all that did was make Kexi crash. So I removed the plugin and then tried to use the driver instead. Booyah! It worked like a champ. It imported not only the structure 100% correctly, but also all of the data.

/me gets back to hacking now that he knows what is in the database itself. </query_hell>

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  • Hmm, good thing I packaged it then, no? 😉

  • well, now I know what is in it, but I am having a hell of a time with queries and libmdbodbc. I had to boot into a Windows box 🙁 to see if my queries work over there. As for them working when I do

    isql dbname

    at the command line and then throw queries at it, it doesn’t work.

  • jess

    if you need some help, let me know

  • mishehu

    My condolences for having to work with the chevette of the database world. It might be easier just to migrate all the data and queries into MySQL or Postgres and then have the power of a real multiuser database that won’t take a shit at random… MS Jet engine flies you straight into the wall…

  • @mishehu: tell me something I don’t already know. I converted it to MySQL, but lets just say that Mullan’s has no clue how to create a db in the first place. The db shits itself in Access, let along with mdbodbc, mdbtool, unixodbc, or even old dirty bastard (god rest his soul).

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