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Wal-Mart to sell $200 Linux PC

You heard that right, $200 for a PC running a variant of Ubuntu called gOS. I just read this in the Chicago Tribune a little while ago, and then proceeded to the website to read THIS.

The variant of Linux on the gPC is called gOS and is derived from the popular Ubuntu variant. It’s heavily oriented toward Google’s Web sites and online applications, like YouTube, Gmail and the company’s word processing program, all of which can be used only when the computer is connected to a broadband line. The PC comes with a dialup modem, but gOS doesn’t support it. So most users likely will get online other ways.

DOH! What, comes with a modem but it doesn’t work. -1 Linux to a new user because of this.

“We feel the timing is right for open source because of that,” said gOS founder David Liu. The company has fewer than 10 people on it staff but gets help from volunteers in the Linux community.

DOH! Fewer than 10 people, there goes support. -1 Linux to a new user because of this.

Whether value-minded shoppers who would be enticed by a $199 PC will also be interested in making the jump to Linux remains to be seen. The operating system isn’t known for ease of use and mainly attracts the tech-savvy.

DOH! Isn’t known for ease of use? Mainly attracts the tech-savvy? All I have to say is read the forums! Look at IRC! Look at my brother! Look at my mom! No tech-savvy’ness there! -1 Linux to a new user, only if they read the Trib, which just happens to be the 2nd or 3rd largest paper in the US.

Well, I spoke with a friend who works with the higher ups at Wal-Mart, and he told me the original plan was to go with Ubuntu (about 6 months ago he told me about this), and I had heard other rumors that backed this up. Then I read today that it is a variant of Ubuntu called gOS. Anyone remember Lindows? Ya, that tanked at Wal-Mart, and now they are coming back with Linux on an Everex PC. Only 600 stores, so maybe it won’t tank as hard, or possibly as quick as Lindows did at Wal-Mart. Although, I will say that Lindows did sell quite a bit at Wal-Mart when they were around back in like 2001/2002. I don’t see this taking off. And if it were to take off, say goodbye to gOS. Less than 10 people, jeesh. Wal-Mart will eat you alive, that is what they are good at! You show the tad bit of weakness and kiss your arse goodbye.

Well, seeing as the gOS, is the greener OS, or this system or whatever is greener, now Wal-Mart can get the EPA off of their back. “Hey! We have green PCs, never mind the busted bags of fertilizer outside that are seeping into the water sources, WE HAVE GREEN PCs DAMNIT!”

OK, I see nothing but bad, bad, and more bad with this. Does anyone see opposite? I wish gOS the best and hopefully Wal-Mart will spare a few lives in the end ๐Ÿ™‚

Kevin Carmony! This is for you, I know you are sneaking around these waters. I would definitely love to get your input on this. You were with Lindows/Linspire for the Wal-Mart days. I would love to know if the experience was good for you and the group back then? I know the reason behind the tanking wasn’t Lindows/Linspires fault, I believe that whole Microsoft suit killed it with Wal-Mart, if I remember correctly. Don’t feel like researching it. How do you think this current deal will go? Will it take off, or will it just sit on the launch pad smoking?

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