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Do you WinFOSS?

WinFOSS is the collection of free applications for Windows users that come on every Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, and Xubuntu LiveCD. How many of you have looked at these apps from within Windows? How many have actually installed the WinFOSS apps in Windows from a Live CD?

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  • I’ve not installed the actual version from the LiveCD, but I do run WinFOSS software — OO.o, thinking about Pidgin, if I ever boot into windows enough to care…

  • zero-9376

    Never used this software and I keep my own collection of FOSS and non-FOSS software for whenever someone asks me to fix windows. I assume the point of your question is to determine whether the space on the install CD could be better utilised?

  • @zero-9376: you figured out this post right off that bat 🙂

    @Ben: ya, the LUG I participate is a student activities group and I maintain a FOSS DVD image for Windows and Mac users that aren’t interested in switching to Linux just yet, or even trying it out.

  • Garm

    Yup, I’ve looked at ’em. The first time I installed Kubuntu I looked at what else came with the .iso. I haven’t booted into Windows for a reason other than gaming (which doesn’t happen often anymore) since then, though, so I’ve never used them. No reason to, although nixternal reminds me that I ought to check out the WinFOSS apps out just familiar with them when I give out CD’s to friends/family.

  • Garm

    ah, there it is.

  • I think it’s a good idea, and I’ve played around with it out of curiosity, but I’ve been using free software on my Windows installs for a long time and haven’t had any need of that feature on Ubuntu disks.

  • Jonas Jørgensen

    Never installed the windows software from the CD, no, all the apps are a quick download away anyway. Including more packages on the cd would definitely be a better use of the space.

  • Nathan Dbb

    I’ve never used the free software on the Ubuntu CD. I think it is good to include Firefox, and perhaps a good text editor (like SciTE). Mostly, I think it is a waste of space.

    It is sad the Conical/Ubuntu no longer is involved with TheOpenCD, but that project has become the unfunded and unprompted OpenDisk.

    I guess the split was over VLC and such. It has a good collection of apps, but I wish it had a good text editor on the disk. Theu used to include SciTE, but now only the (lame) Notepad2.

    I always carry a recent Ubuntu and the latest OpenDisk — for the people I meet in the airports.

  • I usually don’t actually install them from the CD, but I did make good use of the programs included (plus a number of others) back when I still was running Windows, and occasionally now when I’m using it at school. Additionally, I’ve gotten some of my friends and family into Gaim/Pidgin, Xchat,, and Firefox on Windows, and the Computer Careers department at my college is pretty into FOSS – we just used Wireshark (aka Ethereal) for a lab this week, for one.

  • Frank Quist

    I hadn’t even known the CD contained these until reading this post… I haven’t noticed their existence being published anywhere (that I’ve visited). Maybe not a problem of wasted disk space but a problem of “PR”?

  • You’re asking the wrong people. WinFOSS is for people who get given a CD but are not ready to convert to a new operating system yet. Readers of Planet Ubuntu are passed that stage.

  • G2g591

    once I installed thunderbird from it when I thought i might actually boot into windows occasionally, but I only knew they were there from the packaging on the Kubuntu Shipit cds I requested when I decided to get some to hand out to people.

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