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Blizzard of 2011

As I sit here writing this right now, we here in Chicago are hunkered down with the expectation of receiving more than 24 inches (60cm), of snow. Hoping I can get this posted before the power totally goes out here due to the wind. The wind is making it even worse. We have sustained winds in the 25 to 35 miles per hour (40 to 56 kph), with gusts around 50mph (80kph). It is nuts, but it is fun at the same time. Luckily for us, we don’t close down like other major cities in the US, well except for schools.

EDIT: Forgot to add a link to pics I will be updating of our storm just in case you were interested. Head over to my Picasa Pictures and enjoy. Getting ready to head out and try to stream via U-Stream, because it is nuts right now.

Well, I was looking at the state of documentation in both KDE and Kubuntu and realized it really needs a lot of help. Now that I am starting to have a bit more time available, I am looking at making my way back into contributing to both projects again. I have missed doing the work and hanging out with everyone online.

I plan on making changes to my blog as well in the coming months. I want to get back to not only giving updates about my personal life and my contributions, but I also want to start documenting work I have been doing in the cycling world, and some development work I have been doing there as well that I think other cycling groups around the world could use. With that, it is high time to once again pay that dreadful hosting bill, and right now I am very limited on the funds I have available to go out on things like this. I hate doing this and thought it wasn’t fare to do things like this, but I would appreciate any donation possible. Whether it is $0.15 or $1, any little bit helps me keep this site alive so I can bring news to everyone who reads it. Over to the right of my page is a donate button that goes to PayPal, and if you could click it and spare some change, I would greatly appreciate it.

So with that said, you peeps in the KDE and Kubuntu worlds, get ready, because I want to come back! I have missed you all and I have so much love for each and everyone of you. You all have held the fort down perfectly and have kept progressing in creating the greatest operating system and workspace I have used to date. Thanks for that!

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